Collette Monologue

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Colette dreamed. She was sitting down though the ground was hundreds of feet below. In the northeast she make out her tower, though it was just a dot from where she was. Across from her was another Colette, motionless save for the slow rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. The black, smoky eyes betrayed it as Fetch. They sat across from each other wordlessly, and Colette began to clear her throat softly. It was an impressive view, but otherwise, it seemed like a waste of a good dream to sit awkwardly with her doppelgänger. Fetch laughed, intimately aware of Colette's short attention span, "This is... much the same as when Jessa lined up your costumes. I am here to ask what kind of Overlord you wish to be. It is not set in stone and I…show more content…
She seemed to have a lot more knowledge about anatomy and stabbing people than she did when she went to bed. Colette examined herself in the mirror, at first horrified at the way her hair stood up on its on, Ghorros' semen having dried her brunette locks in a wild nest of…show more content…
She turned to the left, examining her silhouette. Had her breasts grown? Her slender frame was now tawny and athletic. She seemed to remember doing quite a bit of exercise in her dreams but then that usually didn't bear fruit the morning after. At the mention of breakfast though, she found herself ravenous. She quickly hopped into the bath, this time certain to avoid the cabinets, despite the fact the mirrors and fixtures were cleaner. She was still wary of the squid hairstylist nightmare thing... Still dripping as she exited, the water beads steamed and hissed as she strode out. Dry and soft by the time she reached the armor, she had never worn any before. But it was as second nature, buckling and locking the segments into place, the leather trimmed inside with a soft fabric she did not recognize. Colette would have taken more time to examine herself but her stomach snarled audibly at her as she finished latching on her gauntlets. Food seemed like the best idea ever. She made her way down the steps, eager to see Faustus again... but more eager for
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