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Collin LaBranche May 9th, 2017 Barosky English 102 Home The novel Gulliver 's Travels by Jonathan Swift displays the vast difference of the Houyhnhnms society in comparison to ours. Harrison’s essay describes the way our society perceives home much differently than the way Houyhnhnms do. In modern day, and more specifically in the 18th century the family system that we associate with views home as a place for love, family, and support. In comparison to the Houyhnhnms, they use the home as more a community area to gather. Each article by Harrison, Nichols, and Guenther all gravitate to look at Jonathan Swift’s perception of home and society in a literal sense but I would disagree. I believe that if we look into the overall moral…show more content…
On the side of Reason stand those grounds of choice that address the welfare of the community as a whole. On the side of Passion and all "private" desires and affections: all those, that is, whose satisfaction is either indifferent or potentially contrary to the welfare of hte community” (Harrison 47). Reason is the key to a perfect society in their mind. But this is where we separate completely as societies, to create a perfect family humans would not usually give up their child to fill others needs. We are to selfish and place family members ahead of others. The Houyhnhnms have a very orderly society where there are no preferences made and because of not having any preferences towards their young and between each other, we cannot assume that the Houyhnhnms have a socially impaired society simply for the reason our two different ideas on family do not correlate at all. Family structure for the Houyhnhnms in comparison to Swift’s time during the 18th century or even modern day is different as well. They have a very utopian sense of family in which they have a set number of children that they are suppose to have. As stated through the novel, preferably each couple wants to produce one boy and one girl and if this is not fulfilled then they give away one of their children in return for a child of the opposite sex. The goal of this is to in turn create a “perfect society” that each Houyhnhnm seeks as their life

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