Collinsvilles Narrative

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It was the first day of fall in Collinsville, Illinois and the leaves were gently falling to the ground. The house was filled with lots of noise and the kids wanted to go outside and play in the leaves, but they couldn’t play in the leaves until they ate lunch. It was the perfect day to play outside. They finished eating and ran out to enjoy the weather. They played in the leaves as long as they could until they found a snake in their leaf pile. The kids screamed in terror but the snake just slithered away with its tongue hanging out and hissing at the kids. It started to get dark and the the kids still played outside until the kids heard the creepy coyotes howling in the dark woods.
Sarah ran inside and hid under her bed. John ran as fast as a lighting bolt to the door. Jim just stood outside until more coyotes came out the woods and he was inside in a second. The kids were all screaming.
“There are coyotes outside!”
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He looked around, he knew that there was no coyotes and went out a little further heard growling noises. He turned around and the coyotes were blocking the door. He was surrounded by coyotes and then he started running to the barn. He could barely see, the only light was the candles sitting on the wooden porch hanging from the ceiling. The house was really far away when he looked back.
Once he got to the barn, he shut the barn door and climbed the ladder to the second floor. Meanwhile, the whole family was sound asleep. He heard the coyotes scratching at the door and he got worried. What if they tear a hole in the door and get through? He thought he would have to stay there the whole night so he started to scream for help. No one even woke up because he was too far away from the house. Once it got to the morning, the coyotes were gone. His mom came to check the barn because she checked the whole house searching for him. She found him in the
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