Collision Point Lab Report

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The primary collision point (pictured on the left) was roughly twice the size of my final cube. I also took a while deciding upon which wall to peirce and how to make sure the cube was centered. After much consideration I decided to pierce the wall with the rotating axle and double peirce. This seemed to be the most structurally sound wall. If the collision were to force the toothpicks into the cube it would not compromise the cube since this wall is supporting the rest of the cube. At this point I considered my cube to be finished, however I looked at my materials and noticed I had not used any of my given toothpicks. I considered placing them underneath the cube, but they would be difficult to secure and would not help enough with…show more content…
When my device is released I am hoping the egg will not force the system to rotate in the air. I was unable to do extensive tests with balance due to time constraints. Therefore, my primary contact point may prove ineffective if the cube lands upon its side. If the collision is successful then the primary collision point will take the brute of the force acting upon the system. Meaning that this piece is the primary time extender for the collision. It will be the component that will reduce the amount of force upon the egg the most. The primary collision point is held suspended below the cube by two toothpicks. These toothpicks upon collision will be thrust into the cube via supporting walls sending a shock to the support walls around the egg. These walls are heavily supported by the other walls, roof, and floor sections. The egg will hopefully absorb little to no force, since I am attempting to redirect the shock around the egg rather than through it. Straws are placed underneath the egg in case the egg ever becomes suspended during flight. This will ensure if the egg has a rough landing, it will still receive a small amount of force due to the increased time of collision. This is my Cube Egg Delivery Device. I hope with all the analyzation and planning, a uncracked egg will be produced. Any opportunity to build a device, especially in the case of problem solving, I will jump at the
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