Collolocations In The Picture Of Dorian Gray

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1.1. Introduction Collocations are a fascinating and a difficult linguistic phenomenon in language and in translation. They are repeated combinations of words whose co-occurrence is higher than chance. Collocations represent a key constituent of the lexicon of natural language. They are a very interesting and important phenomenon in language, whose importance is perhaps farther-reaching than previously thought. Recent studies on translation have demonstrated that collocations are very important lexical constituents of texts and thus in translation. Collocation is a lexical relation between words that are possible to combine usually with certain other words to form a semantic unit. This combination does not depend on rules but to certain constrains that determine the way they can be combined to convey meaning. The…show more content…
The first is the picture painted by Basil Hollward and the literary “picture" that Wilde creates here. Both of these indicate the so called "real world" that we cannot see in the world, the truth of Dorian’s soul. The painting is at the center of the novel, while Dorian’s physical beauty remains untouched, then he suddenly changes horribly to reflect the corruption of his soul. The Picture of Dorian Gray is one of Oscar Wilde’s masterpieces. In essence the author had dared to display the decay and all the artificiality of the system by strongly condemning all the immorality that has ruined English society. The novel tries to represent the inner world of the main character, Dorian Gray, who is under the destructive influence of Lord Henry which characterize all the interest, envy, corruption and immorality that cares for physical beauty and not happiness. This novel reflects the depravity of English aristocratic society and the spiritual emptiness of this society. The proficient at which this novel is written is
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