Collonization And Their Effects Of The Civilization Of Native Americans

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When the new world was first discovered by Europeans, many ships filled with people were brought over to colonize. With these new people, came new ideas, animals, or materials that the people in the new world had never seen. When people from the old world came over, the natives also shared what they had from their land with the Europeans. The Americas were filled with many plants and animals that the Europeans had never seen. This caused many trades between the people and the mixture of cultures. When the Europeans came to America they traded many ideas, such as weapons, and religion, gave each other animals and crops that were native to their land, and spread many diseases that were not known of in their native lands.
When the Europeans came to America, the Indians offered many gifts. They gave the Europeans survival tips, crops, and animal fur to help them start colonizing. The Indians saw the Europeans as visitors, some even seeing them as Gods. Therefore, they treated them with respect and showed them all they needed to know about the land. One change that the native Americans had to make when the Europeans came over was the idea of owning land. The Indians shared everything they had and never thought about what land belonged to which tribe. When the Europeans came over and started claiming land, the Indians were shocked and did not understand why the Europeans were doing this. The native Americans had to get used to this idea along with many others that the Europeans

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