Collostomy: Colostomy Home Guide, Adult

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Colostomy Home Guide, Adult

A colostomy is a surgical procedure to make an opening (stoma or ostomy) for stool to leave your body. This surgery is done when a medical condition prevents stool from leaving your body through the end of the large intestine (rectum).
During the surgery, a section of the large intestine (colon) is attached to the stoma made in the front of your abdomen. A bag or pouch is fitted over the stoma. Stool and gas will collect in the bag.
After having this surgery, you will need to empty and change your colostomy bag as needed. You will also need to take steps to care for the stoma.

Your stoma should look pink, red, and moist, like the inside of your cheek. At first, the stoma may be swollen, but this swelling
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5 Unroll the tail and empty stool into the toilet.
6 Clean the tail with toilet paper.
7 Reroll the tail, and clip or velcro it closed.
8 Wash your hands again.

You will be taught how to change the bag before you leave the hospital. Basic steps include:
1 Wash your hands with soap and water. Have paper towels or tissues near you to clean any discharge.
2 Pre-cut the skin barrier using a template. Smooth any rough edges.
3 If using a two-piece bag, attach the bag and the skin barrier to each other. Add the barrier ring, if you use one.
4 If your stools are watery, add a few cotton balls to the new bag to absorb the liquid.
5 Remove the old bag and skin barrier. Gently push the skin away from the barrier with your fingers or a warm cloth.
6 Wash your hands again. Then clean the stoma area as directed with water or with mild soap and water. Use water to rinse away any soap.
7 Dry the skin. You may use the cool setting on a hair dryer to do this.
8 If directed, apply stoma powder or skin barrier gel to the skin.
9 Dry the skin again.
10 Warm the skin barrier with your hands or a warm
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