Colombia Armed Conflict

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One of the most important causes of armed conflict in Colombia is based on the political structure of this country, which is the political exclusion. To understand why, we must take into account the history of the two political parties in Colombia that are Liberals and Conservatives, which were develop and take shape in the middle of the XIX century formed by landowners, merchants, and warlords. Since the beginning, the Liberal and Conservative parties counted with their own political programs. Moreover, each one had their own vision of how the state and society have to be role, as well as various answers to the hardships faced by the country at that time which make violent fights with each other in the way each one wants to have…show more content…
First, it is important to establish that the globalization phenomenon refer to the capitalist model expansion around the world, based on the exchange of goods, services and markets that specially in Colombia lead to the collapse of the national borders and the succeeded of a deeply interdependence between countries, regions, enterprises, and transnational actors that transform together into a single economic system. Taking into account the specific situation in Colombia, the globalization allow the introduced of several and different structural changes in the configuration of the Colombian social, economic, and political relations of the state. Also allows the free development of the capitalism, being this term one of the most significantly impacts in the development of Colombia because of the repercussions in the way that the economy in Colombia was changed in a different way. To explain why, it is important to know that each country design his own system to rule the main aspects, such as in the economyGlobalization trends materialized in the signing of integration agreements, common market or free trade areas, widespread strategies aimed at attracting foreign investment and creating conditions to attract the interest of large transnational corporations, as well as the rigor macroeconomic, preservation of a healthy fiscal balance and policies of privatization of assets and services estatales.4 turn, globalization demanded decentralization of state functions to make it more efficient in the management of resources and to promote self-sustainability of the regions and
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