Colombia: Background and History

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Colombia Background and History The indigenous people of Tairona, Quimbaya, and Muisca were the original inhabitants of what is now referred to as the Colombian territory. The year 1499 marked the arrival of the Spanish and the commencement of a period of colonization that led to the creation of Viceroyalty of New Granada. According to Manning and France (2006), "the Viceroyalty of New Granada was one of the four Viceroyalties which framed Spanish government in eighteenth-century Spanish America, alongside those of Peru, New Spain, and Rio de la Plata" (p. 114). The period of colonization came to an end in 1819. Colombia according to the Central Intelligence Agency CIA (2013), "was one of the three countries that emerged from the collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830." Venezuela and Ecuador are the other two countries that emerged from the said collapse. However, it was not until 1886 that the Colombian Republic was finally declared. Geography, Climate, and Natural Resources Colombia according to Proexport Colombia (2013), an agency of the Colombian government concerned with the promotion of the country's tourism amongst other things, is situated in South America's northwest corner and it shares borders with Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, and Panama. As the agency further points out, "Colombia is the only country in the region with coasts on both the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean, with a continental area of 1.141.748 km2 (440 829 square miles) and 928.660km2 (358 555
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