Colombia Is No Match For The Darkness

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Paola Velez Upegui English 112-54 Summers/ DRP November 25, 2016 Colombia Proposing Peace The beauty of Colombia is no match for the darkness that hides inside. Unable to flourish into a country of prosperity that can showcase what nature has given them but a place tied to the past with violence. Soon The FARC stepped up to shake not only terror into the government but also the people of Colombia. They have killed and kidnapped locals, tourists and government officials for decades now they have begun recruiting children in their ranks. For four years the FARC have been speaking in negotiations with President Santos over the possibility of peace for everyone. On October 2nd of this year a little bit of half of Colombians voted for no peace with the FARC (News). The people didn’t want to allow a communist group of individuals who have harmed families, killed their loved ones and go hand in hand with trafficking into their lives. They have devoted themselves to violence and become a nuisance to the Colombian government. With the assassination of the Liberal Party presidential candidate Gaitan, who wanted to make Colombia not only safe but to help the poor as well, it started a chain of events. Creating 10 years of war and violence ‘La Violencia’ but forced the government to take action against the protests and the guerilla (Rinehart, 78). Many of the country’s poor turned to violence to make their voices heard to the government that was only thinking of themselves and

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