Colombian Corruption

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when notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar, he basically had bought most of Colombia and everyone in it. Many would think that the death of such powerful drug lord would end most of the corruption, but instead the Cali cartel came on top and the drug war continues. Some hectic headlines were that the past president Ernesto Samper was accused receive money from drug lords for his electoral campaign. The year 2011 was when the former Mayor of Bogotá the capital of Colombia, was convicted for irregularities of phony business contracts. In February 2014 many high ranking Colombian army officials were exposed that they were taking bribes. According to U.S News “..recent reports reveal that the Brazilian construction company has been bribing the…show more content…
A huge operation that is widely known in Brazil would be Operation Car Wash, this operation consisted of an money laundry investigation and the discovery of bribery and pay outs dealing with the Petrobras oil company which was also carried out by the federal police. This search executed a lot of warrants and concluded with the arrest of many important political figures such as, former president of Brazil but now is a current senator, speaker of the chamber of deputies and chief of the treasury of workers stated by the New York times. The webpage also reported that “ The charges are nothing less than sweeping: Prosecutors say that Eduardo Cunha, the speaker of Brazil’s lower house of Congress, took as much as $40 million in bribes for himself and his allies, plundering Petrobras, the government-controlled oil company, while laundering money through an evangelical megachurch.” This scandal prompt even more distrust among the public and its government, which made tensions worse. Brazil's bureaucracy has had it’s up's and downs, but due to the oil companies, the country has been absorbed from its loyal civilians and money.
In the country of Nicaragua, it is ranked 145 out of 176 corrupt countries in the world and the spot 176 being the most corrupted one. Corruption is very serious
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