Colon Cancer : A Disease That Can Affect Multiple Areas

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Cancer, a disease that can affect multiple areas in your body. The colon is one area highly susceptible to Cancer. Characterized by the development of Malignant cells in the lining of the large intestine, (Richard; Teresa; Melinda; Lee) Colon Cancer is currently the third leading cause of death among men and women.(Richard; Teresa; Melinda; Lee) So what is the colon used for? The colon is used for preserving fluids and electrolytes as it moves waste towards the rectum.(CRC) By starting in the colon how does it spread to other organs in the body? Lymphatics are vein like structures that carry Lymph, a fluid that carries proteins for the cells. Before entering the bloodstream Lymph Passes through the lymph nodes which act as small little filters for the body.

Who can get colon cancer? Everyone can get colon cancer but your risk of getting it increases after the age of 50 and increases even further after the age of 62. (American Cancer Society) According to the American Cancer Society 137,000 people have been diagnosed with colon cancer and 50,310 people have died from this disease in 2014. So what are the causes of colon cancer? About 70% of all cancer cases are based around the environment. (National cancer institute) As well as the environment your diet also plays a role in either preventing cancer or getting it. Many diets that are high in fat, red meat, calories, and a significant amount of alcohol consumption can lead to colon cancer. As for diets with high fiber…
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