Colon Cancer: A Short Story

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It has been two years since I lost my best friend, my biggest supporter, my mom. She comes to mind every day and still do not know how I go on living my life without her. Not a day goes by that I do not think of my mom. The thought of knowing she is actually gone is still so unreal. Losing her is the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. The hardest part of my mother’s death was not only the process of it but also everything that came after.
I was sixteen years old when I found out my mother was diagnosed with Colon cancer. In the beginning my parents tried keeping everything from me, so I would not worry. But that only made it worst. I would carry that thought with me everywhere I’ll go. Making it harder and harder for me to concentrate in school. Cancer was like a new member of our family, nobody had ever really heard/had it. We did not know what was going to
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In a blink of an eye she was getting worse. The doctors told us the cancer was spreading and making other parts of her body not function like they were supposed to. That made us visit the hospital every other day, before we knew it we were living at the hospital. I would go straight to the hospital every day after school. As the days past my mom could no longer eat, speak or move. The cancer was starting to take control.
In the beginning of my senior year the doctors told my family that we only had a few hours left with her and that this was going to be her last night. How do you tell a mother’s son that he’s no longer going to see, hear and touch her anymore. I wasn’t only losing a mother, I was losing so much more than that. After the funeral passed my family and I went to my house where there was silence and only memories to hold. The place where I wake up and hope to see that beautiful smile one more time. When loved ones pass away you don’t really get better as people say, you simply just get used to the
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