Colonel Edwin Hillandale, An Air Force Officer

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Another character providing a keen understanding of the SOF Imperatives was Colonel Hillandale. Colonel Edwin Hillandale was an Air Force officer assigned as a liaison in the Philippines. In the course of his duties, he began working with Ramon Magsaysay. Magsaysay was having difficulty with his campaign efforts in a communist held province. This led Hillandale to assist Magsaysay in his efforts. Hillandale refutes the communist messaging of Americans being rich elitists who care who do not care about Filipinos. He accomplishes this by eating the local food, being fluent in their language and by displaying a great knowledge of their culture. He also uses his musical talents to attract a larger audience to hear his message. He told the local Filipinos he could not afford a meal because the bulk of his paycheck went to supporting his family, much like the Filipinos themselves. He played to the cultural obligations of the Filipino people saying he had never met a Filipino who would not feed a hungry man. This comment prompted all of the villagers to volunteer to feed him. He continued his engagements for a few weeks. After the Filipinos met and identified with Hillandale, they no longer believed the anti-American propaganda spread by the Russians. Thanks to Hillandale’s efforts, Magsaysay enjoyed a landslide victory in the province. Hillandale use of the SOF imperatives made it easy for him to achieve his goals. He provided a great understanding of applying his

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