Colonial America, New England, Middle Colonies

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Colonial America is separated into three groups, New England, Middle Colonies, and the South. New England consisted of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Its colder than the other colonies, and made up of mountains, and rivers. The cold weather had a great effect on how houses in the New England colonies were built. The houses were normally plain rectangle 2 story houses, with a basement. The second story normally jutted out over the first floor, which kept the snow from piling up outside the door, which could have prevented the inhabitants from being able to leave their house. The basements were cold, and they colonists kept food located there. The fireplace was built in the middle of the house on both the first and second floors, which helped heat up the house quicker, and keep it warm. The roofs were tilted to allow snow to slide off. Its soil was very rocky, which made it very difficult for them to grow any crops. Its proximity to the ocean made fishing and ship building the main source of income. Women were also tin makers. The religion of this colony was Puritan, with the exception of Rhode Island. Puritans were very strict with themselves, and didn’t allow any other types of religions. They believed in schools, so everyone would be able to read the bible. The had a set of rules called the Blue Laws, which was printed on blue paper. An example of a Blue Law, is that alcohol cannot be bought on Sundays, and it can’t be bought after a certain

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