Colonial American Hardships

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Colonial Americans faced many hardships as they came to the new land and established the new country. These hardships were explained and told in the writings of John smith, Phillis Wheatley, and Anne Bradstreet. As these writers were primary sources, meaning they experienced the suffering and privation first hand, you can have a better understanding of what it was like for them, or the people during that era. These colonists had suffered a great amount. Either these colonists did not know how to hunt for game, they did not know how to farm correctly, they were slaves, or had troubles with many other things. Which had led to many of these colonists’ having to suffer in many different ways, such as from the lack of proper nutrition, being diseased, or from the vicious beatings of their owners. Many colonist’s lost their lives, starved, and did not know how to live when they found or were coming to the new land. There were many different types of hardships that the people of that era endured. Each writer had their own rough experience they spoke about in their writings.
One of the writers who wrote about the hardships they had experienced was John Smith. Captain John Smith was a soldier and the governor of Jamestown. In Smith’s writings, he speaks mostly about the colonization coming to the new land. He and his men believed they were going to build a successful colony. But due to disease, famine, and the occasional attacks from the neighboring Powhatan Indians, and
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