Colonial Americas without the Indians

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One may believe that the information in one’s history textbook is accurate, but this is not always the case. The definition of history is the study of past events, “the branch of knowledge that records and analyzes past events”, according the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. One may “regard the native Americans-if we regard them at all-as exotic or pathetic footnotes to the main course of American history”, according to Axtell. (Axtell, James.981) One may believe this because of what textbooks say. When mentioning Indians, History textbooks often infer the Indians do “nothing, resist… [or make] obstacles to the white settlement [and or] victims of oppression”. The truth is the Indians play a huge part in American history regardless to…show more content…
Especially since the British had become more experienced as well in Scotland at the time in counterinsurgent warfare. The Indians gave the colonist an opponent to perhaps “train or practice” on along with gaining knowledge. The history of the colonial American fighting tactics would be undoubtedly different without the Indians to introduce the new fighting strategy known as guerrilla warfare. It is possible this may have been helpful to the colonist when they won the revolutionary war. (Axtell.994) Furthermore the economy would have been utterly different without the Indians in place when the colonial Americans arrived. It is easy for one to see how the agriculture would have been similar but not the same without the Indians. Axtell stated that the mainstay of colonial life would have been farming either for “family subsistence or for capitalist marketing and accumulation. Because of the Indians existence before the Colonial Americas an extensive amount of land was cleared by the Indians which made the farming process somewhat easier for the Colonial Americas. The Indians were able to clear to clear the grub and make “meadows and park- like woods by seasonal burning”. (Axtell.988) Because of the previous clearing work the Indians had done large corn fields and villages were formed. It was relatively easy for the colonist to obtain clear Indian land by “trading a few fathoms of trading cloth, some
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