Colonial And Postcolonialism: Terminology, And Perspectives

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Chapter 1
There had been gradual shifts and developments taking place in the interpretation of bible. Postcolonial and other contextual readings were developed to seek the liberation for the people who were in struggle. Postcolonial reading seeks the colonial and anticolonial policies in the bible. In this thesis, the exilic prophet second Isaiah’s monotheistic claims were read in in a postcolonial optic. As an exilic prophet, claims of Second Isaiah were mainly from the colonial period and he was a victim of colonization. Postcolonialism and its theoretical frames were discussed in this chapter.
1.1. Postcolonialism: Terminology and theories
1.1.1. Terminology
Postcolonialism is an investigative disciplinary in literal and cultural studies. The term postcolonial suggests an optimistic stand point relative to the project of political, military, economic, pedagogical and ideological domination over one culture or people by another. It also suggests that the colonial period has ended
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Discourse is related with power. Discourses are more than ways of thinking and producing meaning. They constitute the nature of the body, unconscious and conscious mind and emotional life of the subjects they seek to govern. We can thus refer colonial discourses as a system of producing knowledge about the relationship between the colonizer, colonized and the colonizing process through power, language and other such discursive practices. The perceptions of the colonists and the colonized are often encoded in colonial discourses and in other art forms. Postcolonial studies therefore inevitably engage in a critical scrutiny of such discourses and art forms emanating from colonial relationships. Postcolonial discourses enable interpreters to expose colonial realty and help to focus upon the imperializing practices involved in the creation of a
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