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Colonial Broadcasting Company
Executive Summary
Colonial Broadcasting Co (CBC), a major American television network, must determine which of the different factors plays a key role in optimizing the ratings of its movie. The following report contains statistical analysis on the different relationships between the factors influencing ratings.
The Regression Model
For a detailed description of the variables and the defined statistical terms used in this report, see [ Annex 1 ]. Based on the sample data provided and the statistical analysis, the following regression equation has been derived:
Ratings = 13.729 - 1.540*BBS + 1.281*Winter + 1.164*Sunday +1.593*Monday + 1.854*Fact + 0.910*(SQRT)Stars + 8.413*Log (Previous Rating) - 10.206
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In the 1st trial (see Annex 8), Autumn was the lowest among the four variables falling off the acceptance region and subsequently was removed. All three noticeably improved their t-test, p-value and confidence interval test afterwards but ABN was far from an acceptable range. The 2nd transformation (see Annex 9) will show that the ABN variable was still considerably far from an acceptable region and later had to be taken out. Looking at the final model (see Annex 3), all variables have solid t-test, p-value and confidence interval results.
Choose the best model
Aside from the models mentioned, an assortment of models was produced with a variation of non-linear transformations. I rejected them even though they produced higher adjusted R2 values, as I could not adequately explain the reasoning for the non-linear transformations involved and the increase was not large enough to warrant further investigation in the time available. However, I recommend collecting additional data to further examine these variations.
The final model chosen consisted of the following transformations: Initial Model: BBS, ABN, Winter, Autumn, Sun, Mon, Fact, SQRT(Stars), Log Previous Rating, Log Competition Final Model: BBS, Winter, Sun, Mon, Fact, SQRT(Stars), Log Previous Rating, Log Competition
Good Predictors of Movie Ratings
Factors that will greatly help and have a linear impact on the ratings of the show are the

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