Colonial Life Essay

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Colonial Life In the earlier years of the colonies life was a bit more difficult than it is now in the presant. People led simpeler lives without all the things we take for granted today. Times when our government was merely a puppet of mother England thousands of miles away. It was this government and its actions that brought out the anger in its subjects to the point of rebellion and eventual emancipation from the larger power. So what brought this small country to the boiling point? It seemed to be a serious of pushes from England that led to the eventual split of the colonies and the U.K. Circa 1763, England. Parliament wrights up the proclamation of 1763 and sends it too America. No more western expansion, no more land…show more content…
To show the Indians their gratitude the British decided to show them their gratitude in the form of a royal proclamation. By making the Appalachians off limits too white settlers the natives received hunting ground. For the Indians this deal was great, after years of being persecuted and subjugated they finally get something in return. Now for the land hungry settlers this was devastating, they saw it as a travesty seeing as how this was passed right after the French war. This is because once the French were gone lands to the south west of the colonies were open for business, but then parliament stepped in. This proclamation, written bye parliament in 1763 was the major turning point in American history from passive criticism to active disagreement. This proclamation was somewhat of a leash, to the settlers of America. To keep the anxious settlers from moving out of their jurisdiction Britain saw this law as not only a sign of good faith to the Indians but a way to control its people. It created much frustration, and feelings of rage in lower and upper class citizens of America. Unable to gain commercial success in the urbanized areas farmers and spectators need more land to support themselves and their families. Rich landowners in turn were missing out on more land, I.E more money. Unfortunately for both groups this law created a racial boundary between the white and the native peoples. And whereas it is just and reasonable, and
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