Colonial Life Vs. Present Day Life

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Colonial life vs present day life Colonial life was very much unlike our lives today. During colonial life philosophies and what people did were very different from today. Some of which they did has had influence on our own daily lives. This meant the colonies had influence and taught us lessons on the daily life for women, daily life of children, slavery/racism and government. The role of women has changed immensely since colonial times. A woman during colonial times had to give all her money and property to her husband after their marriage. Today that is not what women have to do when they are married. In addition, women had to do chores around the house, some of the jobs would have been teach their daughters, mend and make clothes, take care of the chickens and clean the house. In the present day they can do whatever they want for a job. Women had no voting rights or position in public life, even though recently we had a women run for president. This means a lot has changed in women’s rights and daily life. Women now have a more important role in daily life and in public life. In the daily life of children, they had many things to do. The boys would often work in the fields with their fathers, while girls worked in the house with their mothers. For entertainment they would play games or read books, while today we for entertainment we use our phones, computers, T.V and movies. They would also be an apprentice to learn valuable skills and trades so that they could use them when they were of working age and could have a job of their own to earn money. While today children will not usually be an apprentice because we have a better education from school on skills we need. In colonial times, children often were not able to get an education unless they were wealthy. All children today have access to school and an education, which is very different from colonial times. For those reasons, childhood has changed a lot since colonial times. . Slavery was very important to the success of the colonies. The first slave boat landed in Jamestown in 1620, it brought slaves from interior Africa who would be forced to do work with no pay. The way slaves got to the colonies was through triangular trade and middle
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