Colonial Mentality: Its Roots

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Outline: I. Colonial Mentality A. Definition B. Symptoms of colonial mentality C. History 1. Cultures and practices shared by foreign countries a. America b. Spain c. Japan II. How colonial mentality is inherited by Filipino individuals A. Denigration of the Filipino self B. Denigration of the Filipino culture and body C. Discrimination against less acculturated Filipinos D. Tolerance and acceptance of historical and contemporary oppression of Filipinos III. Effects of Having Colonial Mentality A. To Filipinos B. To our country C. To other countries IV. Reducing the quantity of Filipinos who have colonial mentality Introduction: Do you recognize these brands of products: Adidas, Nike, Fila? Of Course you…show more content…
The following narrative provides an example of how a Filipina American describes her negative self-concept: "Throughout my days at elementary school I had an acute fear that someone would discover that I was Filipino. It was open season on Filipinos. There were the “buk-buk” (sic) jokes, other derisive nicknames created by students, and a large number of stereotypes expounded and attributed to Filipinos. They were labeled as being stupid, backwards, and capable of only the most menial jobs available…In my own experiences, I knew that these generalizations were false, but still I feared association with them. These images and stereotypes persisted in the consciousness of the student body for so long that I began to look at being Filipino as a curse. It embarrassed me that I should be a part of a race so disregarded and dehumanized by society" The denigration of the Filipino culture and body involves the perception that anything Filipino is inferior to anything foreign. These judgments apply to, but are not limited to culture and lifestyles, physical characteristics, socioeconomic opportunities, language, material products and leadership. Such a global negative regard of Filipino culture is thought to extend from preferences from foreign-made products to judgment of their physical features as more attractive and reliable. "(Among Filipinos,)…white skin is considered better. I cannot tell you how
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