Colonial New England Women 's Rights

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Colonial New England women did not benefit from autonomy because they did not have the freedom associated. The husbands of colonial women had full control and their wives were dependent on them financially, occupationally, spiritually and even mentally: the women counted on the men for funds to keep the household fulfilled, took on their husbands religious and spiritual views, and also were told the right and wrong things they should be thinking about. In addition to not being independent in ways aforementioned, women in this era were not legally and politically autonomous which they would not get that right until later on in American history. In the Colonial America era, men were the ultimate “bread winners” of the household. They had actual occupations while their female counterparts stayed at home to do tedious housework such as “cooking, cleaning, and washing . . . food preservation and cloth production”. Women also were sometimes responsible for tending to the farms and performed tasks such as “[raising] chickens, [tending to] vegetable gardens, and [running] the dairy, making cheese and butter for family use.” According to Gloria L. Main, “[most] believe that white women were more highly regarded in the colonies than at home, because of the higher value of their labor and their relative scarcity. . .” How can Main say that women are on a higher pedestal when they are not recognized for their labor in no way? Another spectrum on women were the Native American
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