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Colonial Period Essay

The colonial period in the United States all started when people starting immigrating to Boston in the 1630s. With high articulation of Puritan cultural ideas, the New England colonies have been regarded as the center of early American literature. In class we only talked about a few of the writing throughout the period but in this paper, I am going to tell you about the colonial period as a whole. This writing period varied greatly in terms of quality and subject but in fact the literature in this period can be classified into just ten genres. Number one: travel writing, most often written by the explorers themselves to describe the land, indigenous peoples, and log the exploration, starting with preparations for the journey, the voyage, arrival and explorations in the territory and interactions with natives, and the return to Great Britain, if one was made. Two: historical writing; historians have written in every age since the Hebrews wrote the Old Testament; these consist of long essays or narratives and relate tell a nonfiction account of what transpired; usually written in the third person, and covering significant events of general interest. Three: religious writing, usually written by clergy in the form of journals, sermons, or commentaries on
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My favorite assignment was the Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God because I got to use my artistic ability and draw about what I thought the writing was about. I liked that there was a couple of poems thrown into the mix and the uniqueness of every piece we read. The colonial period was the start of American Literature in the United States and has brought a lot of influences that we use still use today and writers and as American people. Most of the authors and works we even study in our
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