Colonialism And The American Revolution

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During the 17th century, colonies, known as the New World, were being established by Britain to benefit the mother country with the help of the system of mercantilism.Many colonists were European immigrants seeking religious freedom, wealth, and the desire for a new, improved life. The focus for the colonists were to develop a successful economy and work with the British to make profit with their resources. However, over time the British established the idea of dominance over the colonies, which lead to a lack of political representation, individual rights, and unconsented taxation on the colonists. The relationship between Britain and colonists started to change due to the rise in nationalism and differences in lifestyle. Therefore, this lead to a desire for self-government, which caused the American Revolution. From 1763, to 1783, the view fairly changed for American independence from calling for rights and representation to calling for separation and complete independence. However, some remained loyal to the empire and Britain. At first not all colonists wanted total independence, some seeked changes in the government to gain rights, which portrayed it as a moderate view on independence. After the French and Indian War, Britain was in huge debt, which caused higher taxes to put on the colonists for goods. The Stamp Act was on the first direct tax on colonists, which was applied to all printed items such as newspapers, licenses, and documents. This act got the ball

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