Colonialism In Waiting For The Barbarians

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Comparative Essay
Colonialism occurs when one nation seeks to extend their authority other the territory of another. When such process occurs, the foreign ideologies conflicts with the existing ones. The spread of euro and phallocentric ideas brings intolerance such as othering and sexism. Those with power degrade and exclude the “others” to proven their status as superior. Such oppression not only have negative impact on the victim but also oppressors themselves. In Waiting for the Barbarians by J.M Coetzee and Women at Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawi, both Coetzee and Nawal reveals the negative impact of intolerance on both the intolerant and the victims.

In Waiting, Coetzee reveals how both social group have been negatively effected due to intolerance in two key moments. The first key moment Coetzee presents the negative effect of othering on the intolerant occurred when the Colonel is torturing barbarians in the public, a little girl was encouraged to join the torture. As the author describes, “She lifts the cane, brings it down smartly on the prisoner’s buttocks, drops it, and scuttles to safety to a roar of applause”(116). In this quote through the use of descriptive language, the author creates the image of the girl torturing the barbarians by “lifting” and “bringing it down”
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Both author presents a type of intolerance as a result of colonization and its effect on different social groups. It reveals how through applying intolerance to the victims, the intolerant acquires an indifferent and ill character. While the victims of intolerance losses their independence and becomes an auxiliary of another. Through the application of literature, both authors persuades their target audience of the malicious effect of intolerance on both social group to reveal the wrongfulness of
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