Colonialism Of Afric A Continent Dependent On International Aid

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Colonialism of Africa would leave everlasting footprints on politics, technology, and cultural structure of the continent. The act of colonizing the continent would give birth to both positive and negative impacts which are evident in present day Africa. Africa in its present state is considered to be the poorest and least developed lands in the world, which is puzzling due to its wealth of natural resources. The land is riddled with corruption, poor living conditions, disease, and famine. Most would argue it is a continent dependent on international aid. While others contend it is a directionless land unable to recover from the generations of colonial rule. The bearing of colonialism had some devastating effects on the land and its people, it also gave way to some really monumental strides in modernization of the continent. Does the negative outweigh the positive; absolutely. However, there are some crucial strides that moved the continent forward that may not have occurred if colonialism had not taken place. My position is that the effects of colonialism was overall devastating and the cons outweighed the pros; but there were constructive contributions as well that have to be considered.
When examining the effects of colonialism you must analyze it from a historical context. Colonization by definition is the exertion of power of a nation over another weaker nation. It is the seizing of control of a feebler governance by violence, influence, and political presence. By the

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