Colonialism Of The Americas: The Colonization Of America

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The Colonization of the Americas The colonization of the Americas was a time defined as when Europeans began to explore and colonize the Americas around the 1400s, but disrupted many native civilizations in their way. The Europeans realized that they needed some type of work force to help start this new world after killing off most of the Native Americans, which was a starting point for the Atlantic and triangular slave trade to support plantations in the New World. Throughout the hundreds of years that the colonization of the Americas was occurring, many European nations were able to benefit from the colonization because of either there gain of land, gain of resources, or a better trade route for that nation, but for these nations to benefit,…show more content…
This time for colonization brought great benefits for the Europeans, but later on these same nations had to pay some price for colonization. New France became one of the very first colonies for France in America, which became a benefit for them because of all the land that France was able to gain including the Great Lakes, the Mississippi River Valley, and even parts of Canada. These new lands that New France was able to gain benefited many European nations because the use of trade was able to increase and increased the efficiency of trade, especially the fur trade for France which later became a driving force in North America. France began to feel the effects of colonization with New France failing short after as a colony and around one hundred and fifty years later the French and Indian war began where France lost major territory to the English including all French territory east of the Mississippi river, as well as Spanish Florida, although the treaty returned Cuba to Spain. This was a major price having to be paid for the French, but even though the English benefited hugely from the land gained, the English had to also pay a price for this war including an enormously expensive war, and the British government’s attempts to…show more content…
The Dutch landed on what’s now Albany and New York City with the help of Henry Hudson, where they were able to benefit from the fur trade like the French did, but made a crucial mistake of welcoming settlers from other lands. This led to the Dutch having to pay the price for what they had done which began with splitting up New Netherlands (New York), where the Dutch have the North and the South was for the English, which later ended up as the English forcing the Dutch to surrender control and letting over 1.2 million English settlers into 13 colonies which was a tremendous benefit at the time. The Native Americans and Africans also were two civilizations who had to pay the price for the Europeans colonization. While the European nations were beginning to colonize the Caribbean, that led to needed workers to work in these new lands which were Africans having to pay the price for Europeans to colonize these lands, because Africans became enslaves to move thousands of miles from their homes to being forced to work on plantations. Not only was there people paying the price in the Caribbean, but war breaks out between colonists and Native Americans which disease ultimately became the driving for the Europeans to win. Unfortunately, with the Europeans killing off the Natives, this began needing Africans to
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