Colonialization And Religion Of Barbados

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Colonialization and Religion of Barbados In spite of being in the Atlantic Ocean, Barbados is known as one of the top tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Now a sovereign island country, it is an independent state and Commonwealth realm. Barbados still retains the Queen of England as its head of state, as it was once an English then later a British colony. Barbados had quickly grown to be the third major English Settlement in the Americas due to prime eastern location. It was the only island that did not change hands during the colonial period. The culture of Barbados was shaped by the syncretization of colonialism and imperialism by use of religion and cultural resistance. Pre-colonization, Barbados was a small island inhabited by Amerindian, American Indians, with settlement dates from the fourth and seventh centuries AD. Though there is some evidence to suggest that the island was settled in the second millennium BC, it is formally documented as first settled by a group known as the Saladoid-Barrancoid, from the mainland of South America. In the year 800, a second wave of migrants came to the island that the Spanish referred to as Arawaks. The last group to come to Barbados in the mid-13th century, called Caribs by the Spaniards, was more politically organized and came to rule over the others. The Spanish found a use for Barbados as a supplier of Indian slaves for their mines in Espanola (Schomburgk 254). In the early 16th century there was a massive…
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