Colonization Of The New Continent

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Colonization of the new continent began as an attempt to build an upstanding Christian society that led to the destruction of many thriving Native American societies, rationalized by what seemed like religious significance. To illustrate the religious factors that led to conflicts between the early Euro-American settlers and the Native Americans I will focus on the Puritans that settled in what is known as Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, that was home to various native groups.
To understand why there was so much conflict between the settlers and the natives, it is important to grasp how different both cultures were when it came to customs of living, war, and especially religion. Long before the arrival of European settlers, ancestors of modern Indians were spread throughout the continent. It is difficult to generalize Native American culture, as there were several different bands of Indians each with their own customs. Many of these tribes had unique rituals and lived in separate environments thought they tended to be collectivist as tribes. However, they were similar in that the majority of tribes depended on agriculture and crops as well as hunting and fishing to survive. They were very skillful and resourceful, using natural resources to sustain themselves. (Wood).
The Native Americans fought with other tribes over hunting rights to territory, but the idea of individual people exclusively owning land was very foreign to them. Additionally, the…
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