Colonization Or Imperialism Is Done By Treaties Or Agreements?

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Lis Mendez
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Abstract Prior to the modern or new era it was believed that conquers who conquered other lands had the right to take possession of that land, its riches, resources and even the people in order to achieve their own political agenda. Today the concept has changed, colonization or imperialism is done by treaties or agreements, they are acts in which governments negotiate with a less powerful country, they lead them to believe that their colonization will be for the better of their country when in reality they have their own political agenda, so maybe the purpose is the same but they are taking over in a different way. Back in the 1400s land were taken by force in many cases the native of those lands would fight killing the conqueror but in other cases colonization would succeed.

What is Colonization? Colonization or the idea of colonization has converted into peoples identities within a group of people with the same culture, political believes, economic and social practices. This is the result we have after centuries of forced entries to other lands were their culture is destroyed, the conquer imposes their laws and believes, and expose the natives to racist ideologies destroying the lives of the natives, taking away life as they knew it by creating a new culture. When researching the concept and history of colonization or imperialism it is safe to say that colonization is the act of taking possession of other lands by…
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