Colonization in Africa

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European colonization effected Africa negatively, as it resulted in the continent being taken advantage of, people and resources exploited, and their economical standpoint being very low. By looking at Africa’s experience with the Berlin Conference and the effects it had, we can see how greatly the continent was negatively influenced. The Berlin Conference brought King Leopold II into Africa, but the world did not know that it would result in genocide of about 5,000 people in Sierra Leone. Continuing into the 1990’s, four million people were killed in Africa as a result of the wars that the excavation of diamonds caused.
When the Europeans came to Africa, they were very forceful and they took advantage of the Africans. In the Scramble
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On the other hand, the other side of this argument would probably say that the Europeans influenced the economy for the better. They helped the country move forward technologically, set up an education system for the Africans, and unified and strengthened the nation by building the railroad that went through the country, gaining more trade and money. Although they did move forward technologically and set up an education system, I strongly argue against that they unified and strengthened the nation. It seems as though they did completely the opposite by King Leopold II’s affects.
Given these points, there is evidence that shows how the colonization of Europeans affected the country very negatively. From the Berlin Conference to Leopold’s control, and Leopold’s control to the blood diamonds, the loss of life that took place was catastrophic. Therefore, there was the fact that the Europeans came to Africa to take advantage of the people and took control of their land. Next, Leopold came into the picture and so did the forced brutal labor, along with the exploitation of diamonds, rubber and other resources. Then, there is the idea that Africans were paid significantly less than the other races and not to ignore the fact that education was also neglected. With these instances considered, it shows that the colonization of Africa had very negative effects on the country and it resulted in the mass genocide of Africans.

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