Essay on Colonization of Pennsylvanis by William Penn

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Religious tolerance, freedom, fame, and fortune. These advantages and many others are what awaited anyone who boarded a ship and sailed across the Atlantic to America. For many rich and clergy men it was easy. They could be on their way with no questions asked. The first ship to America did not even have one woman. Nevertheless, once they got a taste of the western world, there was no stopping. In 1493 Spain led the popular discovery of America when Columbus first settled in the New World. While England's first colony was Jamestown, established over 100 years later in 1607. After the settlement of Plymouth, in 1620 America's eastern sea board soon became over crowded. Establishing the first thirteen colonies was no easy task. In Foner's …show more content…

Penn had hoped that Pennsylvania would be a profitable venture for himself and his family. Penn marketed the colony throughout Europe in various languages and, as a result, settlers flocked to Pennsylvania. Despite Pennsylvania's rapid growth and diversity, the colony never turned a profit for Penn or his family. In fact, Penn would later be imprisoned in England for debt and, at the time of his death in 1718, he was penniless. From 1682 to 1684 Penn was, himself, in the Province of Pennsylvania. After the building plans for Philadelphia had been completed, and Penn's political ideas had been put into a workable form, Penn explored the interior. He befriended the local Indians, and ensured that they were paid fairly for their lands. Penn even learned several different Indian dialects in order to communicate in negotiations without interpreters. The freedom of religion in Pennsylvania brought not only freedom to English, Welsh, German and Dutch Quakers to the colony, but also Huguenots, Mennonites, Amish, and Lutherans from Catholic German states. In 1677, a group of prominent Quakers, among them Penn, received the colonial province of West New Jersey. That same year, two hundred settlers from the towns of Chorleywood and Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire and other towns in nearby Buckinghamshire arrived, and founded the town of Burlington. Penn, who was involved in the project but himself remained in England, drafted a

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