Colonizers: Great Britain in Jamestown “Life and Death at Jamestwon”

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Colonizers: Great Britain in Jamestown “Life and Death at Jamestwon” INTRODUCTION “There it comes!” In May of 1607, there was the arrival of the first white settlers in Jamestown, Virginia. Virginia Company, a group of entrepreneurs from London, funded the explorers. Three ships namely Susan Constant, Godspeed, and the Discovery were used to transport the 104 men and women who left England to look for greener pastures in North America. Half of the settlers aboard the three ships were mostly “gentlemen” and some others from upper classes who do not know how to find a way to save their own lives. As soon as the colonists arrived at Jamestown On May 13, 1607, their expectations were immediately cut short since this group was met by…show more content…
Some of the settlers became so weak that standing up became a problem. The settlement was swept by an epidemic and by September, half of the 104 original settlers were dead. The colony reached a point of collapsing. With the departure of Captain Newton as well as the death of Captain Gosnold, there was the disintegration of the leadership, marking the beginning of quarrel among men. It was during this time that John Smith saved the situation by buying food, saving the lives of the colonists. The begging of 1608 was marked by new challenges where only ten of the original 104 or 105 of the settlers could work on the land. Apart from that, there was the deposing of the Council's president (Wingfield), who had been placed under house arrest. There was also the shooting of a council member namely Kendall, and Smith, another council member, was waiting to be hanged. This greatly weakened the colony. Other challenges continuously plagued the settlers. Following the return of Captain Newton, there was the destruction of much of the fort including the provision and the dwellings of the settlers, by a devastating fire. This meant that the

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