Colonizing South America Essay

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Colonizing South America
Daulton Borthwick
St. Georges technical high school

Europe went to Africa to colonize and gain resources in return the people of Africa gained new technologies it's was a win-win for both sides. The people of america will be colonizing south america by the year 2030, the U.S. should colonize south america because They need to become more civilized so we don't have to hold their hands anymore so they need to establish public services. south america has an abundance of resources since they don't have the technology to harness these resources we will give them technology in return we get a percentage of the resources.
South Africa needs to become more civil and modern since they don't have any strong enforcing leaders and they don't have much technology compared to the modern country. ”the french supported a policy
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The ability to extract and work with iron allowed west African peoples to make better tools and weapons that would give them an economic and military advantage over their neighbors. This advance represents a development landmark that would to growth of large civilizations (things fall apart 2012 pg.17)(national geographic N.D. para.6) underdeveloped areas like in Africa can develop by their own without the invasion of developed countries like america or from Europeans, Why would america pass up all of the benefits of not only for us for for South America as well we would be exciting there development with our help.” in 2000, a fungus spread throughout many of south america cocoa plantations, devastating the economies of the region and driving up the price of chocolate(national geographic N.D. para.6) due to natural disasters south america has been set From their development and we will be their to aid them in return we just need some resources that can benefit the United
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