Colony Collapse Disorder ( Ccd )

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Godwin Dalima
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Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)

Introduction Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is a very common issue directly associated with the health status of honey bees. Several research study articles have evaluated CCD and concluded that this disorder had a significant impact on the well-being and wellness of honey bees. A significant number of research studies have examined that CCD has lead to abrupt disappearance of honey bees. The abrupt disappearance of honey bees, specifically the worker bees, will have an immense impact on various natural phenomenas.
Several different terminologies have been used to describe the CCD. Autumn Collapse is the most commonly used terminiology to describe this disorder. Autumn collaspse is a significant term used to describe this disorder, since during the autumn season there tends to be a higher percentage of abrupt honey bee disappearance compared to the other three seasons. Other common terminiolgies that are often used to describe this disorder include May disease, Fall Dwindle disease and Disapperaing disease. These various terminiolgies used to describe this disorder are often uitilized in both experimental and professional environments to analyze and evalued various facts. The incidence rate of honey bee disapperance is progressively increasing within the environments in the United States. Similarly, the occurrence of this disorder has also been drastically increasing in several…
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