Colony Collapse Disorder Essay

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According to the article, Honey Bee Heath and Colony Collapse Disorder, honey bees around the U.S are slowly and puzzlingly disappearing. This slow disappearance of the honey bee population is caused by a disorder known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD.) Colony Collapse Disorder causes adult honey bees to completely “vanish” leaving behind only the queen bee along with immature bees. Although this disease is receiving a lot of attention and research on CCD is taking place, the causes and treatments for Colony Collapse Disorder are still undefinable as well. Some may ask, “Who cares? Why is it important that bees are disappearing?” It is important because bees are the foundation to U.S agriculture and they are vital to worldwide economic stability which is why finding the cause and treatment for CCD is a top priority for scientists and researchers around the world. As stated before, neither the cause nor treatment for Colony…show more content…
CCD could potentially hurt the farm production of America. These insects play a role in the production of crops by cross pollination and according to the United States Department of Agriculture, 1/3 of our food from each meal comes from honey bees. The pollination performed by honey bees is a contributing factor to the growth of crops and without them, produce would plummet a large deal and farmers would be forced to pay for services equivalent to what the honey bees preform. The more money farmers must spend to raise crops that the bees do not pollinate, the more money the public must spend for produce. The American population ought to concern themselves with this syndrome if they are not interested in spending a flamboyant amout of $10 or more for berries. The increase of Colony Collapse Disorder is also an increase for the chance of the collapse of
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