Color Analysis And Research Of Artwork Abroad

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Color Analysis and Research of Artwork Abroad The painting I chose to analyze was Azalea Garden by Patrick Heron. Heron was born in 1920 in Leeds (near West Yorkshire). His beginnings in art started at a young age creating textiles with his father and then started being influenced by Post- Impressionist artist Paul Cezanne whose works he saw in London’s National Gallery. Post- Impressionists were focused on emotions and the deeper meanings in life and how it translates to the canvas. In addition to, Cezanne he was deeply influenced by the works of Georges Braque, and Henri Matisse. George Braque helped developed Cubism; while Matisse was engaged in the Fauvist movement which both influence can be seen in his earlier works. Herons first official painting was Piano created in 1943, which was said to have inspiration by the artists mentioned above but as he moved more towards Abstraction gained influence from Mark Rotcho. In around 1956 Heron fully indulged himself into the Abstract Expressionist style experimenting with bright colors and geometric forms. As his career continued to grow he started being referred to as, “ The greatest English Master of colour theory in painting.” Abstract Expressionist painter Jackson Pollock is also recognized for his use of color and how it related to the canvas. In the Azalea Garden painting you can see a direct influence that Heron had from Pollock pieces. Pollock’s paintings such as Full Fathom Five and White Cathedral lends to the

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