Color And Brand Identity And Product Recognition

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A color is a powerful marketing tool to branding. Color establishes brand recognition and reflects brand’s personality or image. As Color has immense psychological influences on consumer 's purchases behavior, the studies have proved the purchase is based on the first impression of how they perceive the brand. 93% of shoppers will look at the visual appearance of your company’s logo, website, brochures, or catalogs and then decide to make a purchase. 85% of consumers decide to buy products based on color alone. Moreover, Studies suggest that when a group of people was shown 3-second advertisement. 62% recognized the brand based on purely the color they saw. These statistics clearly show how important for the marketers and designer to comprehend the psychology of color in order to use it effectively.

Humans associate colors with meaning and interpret them differently. These associations have been done in the extensive amount of marketing and psychology research. This short research analyses why color matters to the brand identity and product recognition concerning how consumers from different cultures perceive the color diversely.

Brand recognition

Brand recognition has a massive influence on consumer purchasing behavior and induces impulsive buying as people tend to buy the product of brands that they recognize. Successful color choices allow the consumer to distinguish and identify the brand within the same category.

To stand out, Axis a…

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