Color And The Human Body

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The human relation to color is something that affects everyday life. Color is used in many aspects of the human experience, including marketing, food, and therapy. Every visual experienced by humans has color information. Traffic lights and stop signs are red, which signal for us to stop. Caution tape and signs are yellow, warning us of possible danger or a situation in which we must be alert. Blue and green have both been regarded as calming colors. Black and purple have represented royalty and elegance, with white symbolizing purity and cleanliness. The way color affects the human emotional field and the human psyche is an area of study that has been given very little attention. The research that has been done is limited, but it is highly important because of how prevalent color is in the world and in the human experience. One perspective on studying how color works in the human life is to see how color and color preference relates to human personality. This can be looked at in two ways. One is to see how human emotions are influenced by color. Color could affect cognitive function, buying patterns, and emotional responses. The second is to look at the color preference of a person and look at their personality to see if there is any relationship. The following literature review will be an overview of both views of the affect of color, but the study outlined will be based on color preference and how it could give clues into personality. It will also address…

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