Color Blindness By John Dalton

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Although it is not a huge problem in today’s society, color blindness can be a problem for many people today. To many people, the term color blind means that a person cannot see color at all. This is a huge misconception and is not true at all. In reality, being color blind means that a person cannot see certain colors. When viewing the world, many colors appear dull or discolored. Although this does not affect the normal functions of the human body, it can be a problem for young children learning how to identify colors. Being color blind may not be a huge problem for people today, but research and study still needs to be done in order for people to truly understand this amazing genetic disorder. The first case of color blindness was recorded by John Dalton in the late eighteenth century. John Dalton himself was color blind and was fascinated by the way he perceived the world. Dalton is most famous for his writings on the Atomic theory. Even though he is most famous for his other findings, his first paper was on the color blindness of himself and his brother. Because of this, sometimes color blindness is called Daltonism (Boyer 1). Even with the vast amount of research done on this genetic order, color blindness, also known as color deficiency, is still not understood by the general population. Most of the time, a color blind person is male. The color blind gene is dominant and is carried by the female (“Color Blindness” Columbia 1). Statistics show that “8% of men and…

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