Color Code Profile

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The Color Code profile was created by Dr. Taylor Hartman, who believed that precise are divided by four colors. Throughout his research studies and experiences that he conducted over the years he assigned individuals to a specific color based on their personality, behavior, and actions. The four colors that Hartman used for the color code profile were red, blue, white and yellow. These different colors were all possibilities for an individual to have and were also driven by a unique motivating force to keep them well grounded. For the people who has a red personality, Hartman said that they were driven by the force of power. Red personalities are usually dynamic and direct, assertive and very quick to make decisions. The concept of intimacy…show more content…
When I read the description of a Red personality, I remember thinking that for the most part, Hartman was accurate throughout his assessment. But, I believe that I have more than one color that describes my personality because I also hold personality traits that describes the intimacy of a Blue. When I look back and think about how I acted and behaved as a child I feel as though I was a Blue and no where close to becoming a Red. Throughout my childhood I believe that I was a Blue due to losing everything that I loved and cared about which then made took control of my behavior, how I felt, and acted. Then pain and suffering that I was feeling nearly destroyed the type of person I was becoming. Just the thought of that time in my life replicated that I was Blue who was emotionally-charged, who still feels guilty, and worries everyday by questioning what is going to happen next in my life that could destroy me entirely with no way of…show more content…
For instance, the reason why I believe that I am a Red leader because I tend to take charge of problematic situations, I enjoy to in be in charge of others in a working group, and I am determined to get the job done no matter what. Also I consider myself a Blue when it comes to working because I always make sure that everything is completed and perfect before moving to the next task. Meanwhile, I also believe that I show White traits such as, getting along with those who work with me so that we all are able to communicate well with one another in case something
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