Color Guard As A Performing Arts Activity

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When I went to Pike High School I participated in an activity called color guard for four years. Color guard is a performing arts activity that incorporates dance while using flags, rifles, and sabers. When I began this activity I barely understood what I was getting myself into. Our team got abandoned by our coach for most of the winter season my freshman year, so our show was pretty awful. We went to competitions with expectations of losing and embarrassment among our peers. At this point everyone was discouraged about how our winter season ended. It was not far to the seniors who gave their whole high school years for this activity. Something had to be changed to in order for our team to progress in the future. Second semester our guard Director, Mr. Emmert, hired Nick Bledsoe as our new coach. Though he was a skinny short white guy with blond hair something about him was intimidating. He walked into the guard room like he owned the place. He sat up with such a great posture that I straightened up from my usual slouch. The seniors did not like Nick too much, but their only wish for him was to not give up on us. From that day forward Nick dedicated his work towards our team regardless of how challenging it was to manage. My guard coach Nick was amazing because of how passionate he was about his profession at my high school. Nick watched Pike color guard when it was in its prime and has a drive to bring the guard back to what it once was. Years ago Pike was one of the top

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