Color In Eilis's Life

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The colors in this film signify so much more than just clothes or landscape, colors seem to signify significant moments in Eilis’s life. I think that we all subconsciously wear certain colors when we are feeling a certain way, I know that even on some level we do it consciously, like for example when you go to a wedding you cannot wear white, or when you go to a funeral you usually wear black. Especially in a time like the 1950’s when women really only wore dresses, their only way of looking different would be to wear colorful dresses or the makeup on their faces. The film starts out with Eilis in Ireland and her colors seem rather dull, like grey and she is not wearing an ounce of makeup. It really helps to show you how boring and dismal…show more content…
Blue is supposedly most strongly associated with tranquility and a sense of calm, which is what you would hope to feel when the guy you are with asks you to move into together. She did not hesitate when he asked, she was simply taking in the area and all of the surroundings and she knew that is where she was meant to be. This is another strange aspect of this film because it makes Eilis seem like she is a very independent young woman, and in a time like the 1950’s she would not probably have been as independent and been making all of these decisions on her own. Another peculiar behavior is when she decides to invite Tony into her room and she initiates the sexual interaction, which is very irregular for this time period. However after her and Tony had sex for the first time she is seen wearing a yellow dress, yellow is associated with happiness, intellect, energy, and yellow produces a warming effect. Yellow stimulates mental activity. Eilis is finally moving away from Ireland and her family the more time she spends with Tony, for this time period the man being such a large part of Eilis’s life is not surprising in any way. The 1950’s women were very concerned about becoming wives and being mothers, so when she finally felt happy and content to be away from home it had to be a man that was making the transition so
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