Color In Pleasantville

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Color in Pleasantville is something totally unheard of until one day when David and Jennifer are sent there through their television. In Pleasantville, everything is in black and white and nothing ever changes. It is always bright sunny skies with a high of seventy-two and low of seventy-two degrees. Everyday is exactly the same and everything is perfect in their eyes. There is never any fighting in this town and the only thing the fire department ever does is save cats from trees. The wives do everything for their husbands, like doing all the cooking and cleaning. The children always obey their parents and never fight with their siblings. All the men go to work at exactly the same time everyday and expect dinner on their tables as soon as they get home. At the town’s high school, the basketball team has never missed a single basket in a game and they have never lost a game. Every single thing in Pleasantville is perfect without a single complaint. One day, twins David and Jennifer are sent into Pleasantville by a crazy old man and almost instantly things start to change. As soon as they get to school, Jennifer asks the teacher what is outside of Pleasantville and everyone looked back at her like she was absolutely insane. As the day progressed, David was trying to make everything stick to the…show more content…
As the movie progresses, the books start filling with words and people start reading them like crazy. The men that did not like the colored things, did not like the books either. Many of the books spoke of things that were frowned upon in Pleasantville, and when the teenages read what was in the books, they wanted to do things that were mentioned. The library was shut down when the men condoning the colors found out it was bringing more color into their once black and white town. This is representation of how people are influenced by what other people
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