Color Purple Patriarchy

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Alice Walker’s novel enables black women to have a voice and to fight for their freedom against the abusive and controlling patriarchal society. The novel reveals Celie, the major character’s development and evolution from being a passive, afraid, and sexually abused girl to a strong, independent, and emancipated woman. Walker emphasizes the struggles and miseries that African-American women face, being a woman and being black. They struggle from oppression and discrimination from patriarchy and the white society.
The family is the basic unit of society where members love, support, and comforts one another. This is not the case in Celie’s household. The novel describes a patriarchal system wherein women are subordinated to men. Women are expected to follow and conform without asking or objecting. They are supposed to follow the rules without questioning. Black women are deprived of education so that they would not protest against the oppression from the society and so that they would remain ignorant of their rights. Since Celie has no voice or power, she can’t tell anybody about her misfortunes, which is why she only writes letters to God as an outlet of expression. This is her only way of verbalizing what she feels before she discovered the power of sisterhood.
Her family has always been a hazardous and threatening environment for her. It’s a
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Shug taught Celie to stand up for herself and to be her own person. Shug also influenced Celie’s perception of God and life itself. She also taught Celie how to be financially independent by helping her start her sewing business. Sewing pants started as a hobby for Celie which she enjoyed and eventually become her source of income, through the help of Shug Avery. Shug is the most influential person in Celie’s life, she taught Celie to break free from the rigid and inhumane patriarchal system and to find her own
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