Color Vision Development in Infants

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Color Vision Development in Infants: The Responsibility of Cone Types and Wavelength in Order of Color Development It is a wonderful thing to witness a sunset and see all the various colors that occur in our world. What would it be like if we didn’t view the sunset with all the beautiful colors that are perceived in it? According to Brown, Lindsey, Mcsweeney, and Walters, (1994) without factoring in brightness, newborn infants cannot differentiate between colors. This was found by testing infants in forced-choice preferential looking experiments or FPL experiments (Brown et al., 1994). It is astonishing to think that we haven’t always viewed the world in various vibrant colors. So at what point do we as individuals develop full color…show more content…
Infants that were aged 4 weeks and 9 weeks were evaluated in a study that looked at red/ green color and it was found that the responses to the stimuli for nine week old infants were greater in response to the stimuli than four week old infants (Teller & Palmer, 1996). Is it possible that the younger infants in the study by Teller and Palmer (1996) had not yet fully matured their s cone receptors? At what age does the color green develop in infants? Does the amount of s cones we have contribute and affect the order in which we develop color? According to a blog by Jones (2013), a retinal neuroscientist and photographer, tritanopia colorblind people have s (blue) cones absent and have issues deciphering between blue and green, infants might not be able to see blue yet (Robin, 2014), so as a replacement for blue, I am going to use gray as the comparing color. I predict that infants three weeks old will see the green and gray colors differently, and have an increase in gaze time on the color green while previously viewing gray or red. Hypothesis Infants that are three weeks old will be at the beginning stages of maturing s cones, which should enable them to begin viewing green and will in turn prefer the color green (longer gaze time) because it is new in their development of color. Independent variables of the study will be which color is shown to the infants.
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