Color Vision Of Spider Monkeys

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The researchers will conduct match to sample behavioral experiments to assess color vision of spider monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi; n=4). The animals’ abilities to discriminate two test apparatus of varying color (red, green, and blue) and their abilities to correctly choose the sample that matches the original color will be tested. Additionally, the gender link component in color perception of primates will be analyzed by testing both sexes of monkeys. Ultimately, if the animal is able to match at rate greater than that of chance, each monkeys’ individual color vision will be detectible. The limitations of this study is the young age of one of the monkeys. Future studies could run the same experiment with other species of New World monkeys. Keywords: spider monkey, color vision

Color vision is an evolutionary trait that provides primates with significant reproductive and survival value (Gomes, Pessoa, Suganuma, Tomaz, & Pessoa, 2002). Fascinatingly, humans and apes share over 99% of their genetic makeup (Wildman, Uddin, Liu, Grossman, & Goodman, 2003). However, the quantity and quality of color vision varies within and between species in the primate world. Primates are divided into two groups, the Old World and the New World. The New World primates are located in the rainforests of South America and surrounding areas, while the Old World primates are from the tropical areas of Africa and Asia (Regan et al., 2005). The vast range of geographical locations inhabited by…
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