Color of Skin in Honky by Dalton Conley

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The concepts that Conley covers in his accounts include how environment affects people and how they appear as well as how Caucasians are dominant despite where they live because it is the color of their skin that affects how others act around them-they immediately see light skinned people as dominant. Throughout the book, Conley discusses elements of race and class based on his own experiences. He has an advantaged perspective in that his parents have been living in the southern part of town before he was born, making it so that his parent’s previous experiences also shape his view. He discusses race and class, declaring the statement that “race and class are nothing more than a set of stories we tell ourselves to get through the world, to organize reality.” (pg.7) What he means by ‘organizing reality’ connects to the concept of racial hierarchy as well the social distance scale. Although Conley’s parents aren’t the wealthiest white people, their black and Hispanic neighbors felt the need to stay away from them. Because of their skin color, they felt a gap between themselves. Conley’s parents were not racist but because…
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