Colorado And Moose Compare And Contrast

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Colorado and Washington State. Both truly beautiful states that the Rockies and Cascades call home, but although these states are currently home to thousands of snow-capped peaks, they are much more diverse than just the size of the mountains. One similarity that these two states have is the Wildlife. From Bears and Rabbits, to Elk and Moose, these states are home to some of the most beautiful North American giants. With the Elk and Moose being popular for tourists, “the most prized” animal to take a photo of in these states is the Grizzly bear. With the average male weighing in just over 600 pounds, these bears are the Apex predator and not surprisingly, very elusive. With Mountains being etched into the very core of these two states, it’s a perfect similarity. Washington’s Cascades and Olympics, are very tall and rigid mountains with very steep cliff faces and hidden lakes, but Colorado’s Rocky mountains generally vary is size and stature wherever you venture off to in the state. For example, south west of Denver is a town called Buena Vista. It lies in a valley surrounded by low and sloping peaks, covered in trees and snow. However if you go north from Buena Vista to Breckenridge, you will encounter very rigid and tall peaks,…show more content…
Recreational and Medical Marijuana is Completely legal there, however, there are some laws you need to abide by if you choose to partake in this Medicinal practice. When Colorado legalized this plant a whopping $4.6 billion was spent on marijuana solely from out of state tourists. It’s quite the same with Washington, Business Insider ranked Washington one of the fastest growing economies in the U.S, as well as collecting more than $210 million in excise taxes for 2015. The potency in the marijuana provided in each state is said to vary upon where and who grows it, but it is also said that each state has some of the highest quality legal marijuana in the
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